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Data Acuisition Unit - DZK UNI

DZK UNI is a multifunctional base module designed to handle installation in multi storey car parks and can take care of  parking space occupancy detection, the control of communication to the connected interfaces as well as manual control panel supply.


Key Benefits :

  • Reading of contacts, or data transfer via serial interface
  • Configuration and correction of parking space selection
  • Communications via higher-level computer (main car park computer)
  • Communications via displays directly connected to the DZK UNI
  • Time base for statistical data
  • Automatic start-up after power failure
  • Storage of occupancy times in case of power failure
  • Designed for installation in multi-storey car parks

The core of the parking data acquisition unit DZK UNI is a multifunctional base module. The information about incoming and exiting vehicles is supplied by the parking system, either by potential-free contacts (e.g. barrier systems), inductive loop detectors, or by a serial interface to an existing car park management system.

The parking data acquisition unit DZK UNI can be installed either in the control room ,in open parking areas or in an outdoor plastic control cabinet.  

Technical Details


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