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Guardian XL

Parking meters are currently being rediscovered as an important instrument in parking space management.


BRAUMS's electronic GUARDIAN XL parking meter takes up a special place amongst parking meters.

 Due to its technology and security-conscious design, GUARDIAN XL takes up a special position amongst parking meters.

Guardian XL comes with a body made from vandalism-proof steel alloy, with the coin cassette located in a protected strongbox with security lock and electronic coin counter.

Guardian XL has the capacity of holding 400 coins and can automatically shut down if coin cassette is full.

Elimination of moving parts drastically increases reliability and reduces down times and disruptions to almost negligible.

Installation as a double parking meter by means of an optional mount makes GuardianXL very cost effective and flexible.

Allows electronic adjustment for the programming of new rates. The feature of LED backlight and 12 months of battery operation makes GuardianXL very reliable and unique product.

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Guardian XL

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