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Street Lighting Design

The deployment of Street Lighting in Australia in governed by an Australian Standard AS1158 Lighting for Roads and Public Spaces and BRAUMS designs its street lighting to comply with this standard.

The standard ensures a uniformity of deployment for all road and pedestrian situations and makes use of software programs and product files to simulate and predict the light distribution for a given road or intersection.

The standard mandates the type of software and the deliverables for a given street light design. BRAUMS can supply files necessary to complete the design in accordance with this standard to road authorities and Engineering Consultants .

Alternatively, BRAUMS can offer a street lighting design service if the end user can provide drawings of the relevant road or intersection to be lit  with BRAUMS Street Lighting product.

For information on the BRAUMS Street Lighting products contact BRAUMS on +61 2 9684 3300.


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