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VMS Signs

BRAUMS can assist those road authorities with requirements for large infrastructure VMS signs such as overhead gantry and cantilevered signs for high speed motorways or arterial roads.

These are engineered on a custom basis from a mechanical and civil engineering perspective, however, the electronic subsystems and communications protocol remain the same for a given family of product.

 BRAUMS distributes a range of Swarco sourced products that are truly designed for large infrastructure projects such as motorways, tunnels and bridges, text only or text and graphics signs all using energy efficient LED technology for a modern and flexible sign system for road users.


Typical applications are entry points to tunnels, large multi-lane motorways and driver feedback situations as well as travel time information. Below are the types of large VMS systems that can be supplied:



To contact BRAUMS regarding any of the above products please complete a product query form.

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