BRAUMS recognise the requirements for secure Access Control Systems in more environments than ever, and have supplied, installed and commissioned a number of secure Vehicle Access Control systems around Australia.

FAAC Boom Gates

Boom Gate System installed in Sydney by BRAUMS

Thanks to BRAUMS' technology partners, there are a myriad of detection and secure vehicle access mechanisms that can be used, which include but are not limited to:

  1.  ANPR/LPR Cameras,
  2.  Radar Detection,
  3.  Video Detection,
  4.  RFID Tags,
  5.  Inductive Loops,
  6.  Push-Buttons.

BRAUMS have experience in interfacing hardware to security access systems, so there is no secure vehicle access control system that BRAUMS cannot solve. Contact the office today on +61 2 9684 3399!