BRAUMS' off-street parking solutions provide convenient parking in a secure and controlled area such as hospitals, housing complexes, office buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, airports, railway stations, auditoriums and fairgrounds, to name a few.

The range of technology that BRAUMS offer is second to none, from car counters which detect how many vehicles have entered and exited a car parking area via inductive loops and presenting this data to digital signs install nearby the carpark facility, to utilising innovative ultrasonic and bi-directional overhead sensors to measure how many vehicles are available per level with little to no intrusive hardware, to individual overhead ultrasonic sensors with built-in LEDs to present the occupancy status of that particular bay, and send this data to an industrial PC connected to a Cloud-hosted Parking Guidance System. iOS and Android applications would then be developed to provide road users with the amount of bays available at the parking centre.

BRAUMS have supplied, installed and commissioned a number of systems varying in size in Australia and a would love to assist you with your project.

To see just how BRAUMS can assist, please contact the BRAUMS office today on +61 2 9684 3399!