Carpark Security

BRAUMS recognise the requirements for secure Access Control Systems in more environments than ever, and have supplied, installed and commissioned a number of secure Vehicle Access Control systems around Australia.

Boom Gate Vehicle Access Control

Boom Gate System installed in Sydney by BRAUMS

Options are available

Thanks to BRAUMS' technology partners, there are a myriad of detection and secure vehicle access mechanisms that can be used, which include but are not limited to:

  1.  ANPR/LPR Cameras,
  2.  Radar Detection,
  3.  Video Detection,
  4.  RFID Tags,
  5.  Inductive Loops,
  6.  Push-Buttons.

BRAUMS have experience in interfacing hardware to security access systems, so there is no secure vehicle access control system that BRAUMS cannot solve. Contact the office today on +61 2 9684 3300 to speak with one of our Parking Specialists.