Carparks and Private Roadways

For private roadways (for example, within carparks and loading docks), BRAUMS deliver to the market the new benchmark in scalable extra-low voltage Traffic Management Systems (TMS). Made possible through the combination of high quality European technology partners, as well as local traffic engineering and experience, BRAUMS have supplied, installed and commissioned a number of systems across Australia. These systems are used in locations where the flow of traffic needs to be controlled.

Traffic Management System

Traffic Management System installed at Eveleigh, Sydney, Australia

System Components

Typically, such systems include traffic lights, a traffic management system controller, vehicle detectors, convex mirrors and static signage. The BRAUMS TMS is scalable, flexible, reliable and most importantly, safe, with the system typically driving extra-low voltage traffic signal lanterns, like the Futura mini.

There is no traffic management system requirement that can't be solved with a BRAUMS TMS, so please contact the BRAUMS office today on +61 2 9684 3399! Alternatively, please complete a product query form here.