The BRAUMS Pedcall family of products is the most robust, versatile and innovative on the market today, with a proven track record both in Australia and abroad. These products are Type-Approved by Roads & Maritime Services NSW, and include the Pedcall Standard, Audio Tactile, and Call-Record, as well as the Audio Tactile Driver Unit, which can be configured for 240V or 42V AC installations. 

BRAUMS Pedcall

Each Pedcall comes pre-fitted with either the single or double arrow discs, or the cycle disc as requested. For car parking environments, it is also possible for the BRAUMS Pedcall assembly to be fitted with a 100mm signal aspect lens for the purposes of call acknowledgement, providing an extra low voltage display for pedestrian traffic at the Pedcall assembly, or simply to illuminate the assembly to enhance its presence in that environment.

BRAUMS PedcallBRAUMS Pedcall

The BRAUMS Audio Tactile Driver Unit provides a wide range of functionality and configuration options to the end-user, with switches to adjust the volume of the Pedcall transducer and dip-switches for other configuration options. Please contact the BRAUMS office on +61 2 9684 3399 to discuss these options! 

Cycle Disc