Intelligent Waste Management

BRAUMS have partnered with Mr. Fill, the new solution for refuse collection in smarter cities. Mr. Fill cuts refuse collection costs while reducing litter, all thanks to smart solar-powered technology. The status of the solar-powered waste containers is communicated numerous times a day using the Smart Waste Manager, which results in more efficient refuse collection at a lower cost.

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User Friendly

The Smart Waste Manager provides a user-intuitive dashboard which allows operators and maintainers to monitor the current real-time capacity remaining of each bin, the battery and solar load capacity, locations of the Mr. Fill containers on a GIS map, all using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

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Additional Features

With multiple models and sizes available, all units come with your choice of powder coating which can improve the aesthetics of the equipment. Various models also come with an electrically-assisted foot pedal and compactor system, to allow more refuse to be collected before being disposed of.

Need More Information?

We'd love to to tell you more about the Mr. Fill range, so please, contact our office or complete a product enquiry form to get in touch.