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The BRAUMS Countdown Timer (CDT) Traffic Signal Lantern represents the highest quality CDT lantern on the market today.

Available either as a 2-Aspect Lantern, or a 3-Aspect Lantern, it combines the standard high performing optical properties of the Swarco Futurit Walk and Standman aspects, with the innovative, robust and brilliant clarity of the BRAUMS-designed CDT aspects.

BRAUMS 3-Aspect CountDown Timer Lantern - RedBRAUMS 2-Aspect CountDown Timer Lantern - Green

Retrofitting existing intersections with the BRAUMS CDT is simple, requiring no extra wiring to be installed at the intersection.

Available in both 240V and 42V AC power supply options, as well as the new Dim-By-Wire technology, you can be sure that BRAUMS have the CDT to meet your needs!