Providing Power and Communications

To accompany the BRAUMS Variable Message Sign product, BRAUMS have developed a number of Roadside Cabinets depending on site requirements and wants and/or needs of the client. The Roadside Cabinets primarily not only have the purpose of providing VMS power and communications interfaces to field personnel, but also for providing optional battery back-up for the VMS Controller Module and external communications hardware, as well as the entire sign itself.

Standard facilities:

  • Power connection between the VMS and the energy supply
  • Communication interfacing hardware (Serial, Ethernet, Fibre, Cellular)
  • 4-Way Facility Switch
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and batteries for the VMS Controller Module and communications hardware

Optional facilities:

  • UPS and batteries for the whole sign (made possible due to the extremely low power consumption of the BRAUMS VMS)
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Solar equipment such as solar charge controller, inverter and gel batteries