To accompany the BRAUMS Variable Message Sign product, BRAUMS have developed a number of Roadside Cabinets depending on site requirements and wants and/or needs of the client. The Roadside Cabinets primarily not only have the purpose of providing VMS power and communications interfaces to field personnel, but also for providing optional battery back-up for the VMS Controller Module and external communications hardware, as well as the entire sign itself.


Standard facilities include:

  1. Power connection between the VMS and the energy supply,
  2. Communication interfacing hardware (Serial, Ethernet, Fibre, Cellular),
  3. 4-Way Facility Switch,
  4. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and batteries for the VMS Controller Module and communications hardware.

Optional facilities include:

  1. UPS and batteries for the whole sign (made possible due to the extremely low power consumption of the BRAUMS VMS),
  2. Cabinet lighting,
  3. Solar equipment such as solar charge controller, inverter and gel batteries.