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Traffic Signals

Traffic control and management remains a particular challenge in densely populated cities and towns. A more efficient use of existing roadway capacities, harmonized traffic flows, emission-related traffic control, prioritization of public transport means and the focus on pedestrian safety are some of BRAUMS approaches to better manage urban mobility.

BRAUMS proudly delivers the SWARCO range of LED and traditional traffic signal solutions to the Australian & NZ markets. 


These are energy efficient and high lumen output units available in 200 or 300mm sizes commonly used in the Australian Markets and are available in new form factors but with the same mounting straps and boss caps currently used by road authorities around Australia.

In addition, the LED aspects are available as single LED aspects that are completely sealed to IP65 as "Retrofit" units for existing housings making the upgrade process simple and effortless.

Futura 200mm Retrofit LED lamp


The Futura range of LED Lanterns meet all photometric requirements of the Australia Standard AS2144 including its range of operation and safe shutdown.These are available in 200 or 300mm form factors in a modern clean black polycarbonate body design that will add aesthetic appeal including matching louvres.


BRAUMS has also tested their compatibility with the Aldridge Traffic Controllers ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller for minimum power consumption (5W) in order to detect lamp failures to report to maintenance crews and SCATS.

Just as importantly is their construction with no visible screws, nuts or other fixtures needed to secure the parts together, resulting in a clean design that would complement modern street furniture used in urban centres today.


BRAUMS is proud present the Alustar range of Traffic Signals. A step change in the design and presentation of Traffic Signals with a modern and sleek European design that is totally made as a one piece aluminium extrusion that is powder coated and available in various colours.

This range of Traffic Signals is designed to provide years of maintenance free operation and designed to work in the extremes of the Australian climate from sub-zero conditions to high heat locations and have already been proven in other parts of the world with similar climates.

LED traffic signal        LED traffic signal  

These units meet the Australian Standard AS2144 Photometrically as well as operationally with the controller as the LED Aspects are common for this and other range of Swarco's products

For more information on the Alustar range of LED Lanterns please complete a PRODUCT QUERY FORM.



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