BRAUMS offer the full range of RMS Type-Approved ITS hardware and accessories for your newly constructed or upgrade signalised intersection needs, as well as for maintenance requirements. All products comply with the relevant Australian Standards and Roads & Maritime Services NSW Specification, and are manufactured from quality materials, offering long-term field service.

This includes but is not limited to Target Boards, Visors, Upper Mounting Assemblies, Mast Arm Terminal Boxes, 2 and 4 Point Collars.

BRAUMS Visor Group

Additionally, BRAUMS also offer a comprehensive selection of static signage, as well as mounting brackets to suit. All traffic signs are compliant with Australian Standards AS1742: Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and AS1743: Road Signs Specification, as well as RMS Specification.

Most common traffic signs include Special Stop, No Left/Right Turn, No Entry, Give Way, Buses/Taxis Excepted.

BRAUMS can also provide for more customised signage requirements, including custom Supplementary Plates for road names, and new signage for Light Rail Vehicles.

Static Sign Group

Brackets for mounting these signs is also offered, including standard static signage brackets manufactured to RMS Specifications for the full range of traffic signal posts.