BRAUMS 3 Aspect Countdown Timer

Safer Pedestrian Crossings

The BRAUMS Countdown Timer (CDT) Lantern provides pedestrians with a visual countdown of the seconds remaining to safely complete their crossing, effectively replacing the flashing red Standman sequence. This improves traffic flow and pedestrian safety by reducing the number of people on the road at the wrong time. 

Build and Installation

The CDT Lantern can be easily retrofitted to existing intersections with no additional wiring and can be used in conjunction with BRAUMS Pedcall push button and audio tactile products. Available as either a 2-Aspect or 3-Aspect unit, the BRAUMS CDT Lantern combines the standard high performing optical properties of the Swarco Futurit Walk and Standman aspects, with the innovative, robust and brilliant clarity of the BRAUMS-designed Countdown Timer LED display.

Countdown Timer 2 Aspect

Dynamic Operation

Both product variants have a non-countdown mode, allowing them to operate as standard pedestrian lanterns while calculating the countdown sequence. Once the sequence has been learned, the CDT Pedestrian Lantern will automatically switch to countdown mode. On each cycle, the timing sequence is recalculated to allow the countdown timer to adapt to changes in intersection signal programming.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates AS/NZS 2144 compliant accessories
  • IP35 rated housing & IP65 rated optical system
  • Injection Moulded UV Stabilised Polycarbonate or Pressure Diecast Aluminium housing
  • Dual hinged doors for left or right opening
  • Available voltages: 42V / 240V AC
  • Dim-By-Wire option available