Futura Mini Set

Excellent Optical Performance

Utilising the latest Futurled6 LED technology from Swarco Futurit, the Futura mini offers high optical performance without high power consumption. Housed in a slim poly-carbonate lantern, its 100mm diameter modules can provide brilliant and uniform signalling in environments where space is limited.

Versitile Design and Application

The Futura Mini's compact size makes it ideal for traffic designers that do not have the real-estate for larger lanterns, while its modular design and multiple voltage options provide flexibility for a range of applications. While it is ideal for use in bicycle lanes, indoor and outdoor parking, and as a repeater signal at intersections, the Futura Mini also has many signalling applications in the industrial automation field.

Managing Traffic Safety

With expert planning and installation, the Futura Mini can help reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety, either as an addition to existing infrastructure, or as part of an isolated traffic management system.

Key Features:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Injection Moulded UV Stabilised Polycarbonate housing
  • Modular assembly for flexible configuration
  • Available voltages: 12V / 24V DC & 42V / 230V AC