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When customers purchase products from BRAUMS and in particular custom or larger items such as portable trailer type products, the process starts with BRAUMS informing customers when this is going to occur via a calendar system.

A BRAUMS customer representative will usually enter the details of the product(s) being shipped including serial numbers on the BRAUMS Product Delivery calendar. This causes an email notification to go out to all interested parties as an email with a link to the webpage where they can view the event.

Once the product reaches its destination, a BRAUMS representative will setup a mutually agreed time to install and commission the product and/or provide training on the use of that new product. The Product Delivery system will generate an email with the relevant date/time of the installation and any other relevant details.

To access the BRAUMS Product Delivery calendar you will need to be an existing customer or a new customer to view this calendar.

If you are a customer and want to apply for a web account please fill in the customer request form.