Welcome to BRAUMS' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where we have collected a number of commonly asked queries about BRAUMS and its products: Traffic Signalling Products, Variable Message Signs, Parking Guidance Systems, and portable messaging signs, surveillance and security systems.

You will see below a number of FAQ topics that have been listed by category to assist in quickly getting to the information or answers you seek about a particular product.



Is BRAUMS a new organisation?

Is BRAUMS an Australia wide business?

What happened to KVM Traffic?


Pedestrian Push Buttons

Are there different Touch-Less pedestrian push button models available?

How does the Touch-Less Push Button work?


Support & Training

Can the Braums ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller cater for large intersections?

Does BRAUMS have a repairs system for in-warranty and out-of-warranty product repairs?

Does BRAUMS provide training to electrical / ITS contractors?

Where can I find an installation guide for a BRAUMS product?


Traffic Signals and Associated Hardware

QLD – Where can I find Queensland ITS standards and technical updates?