BRAUMS Smart City - Enabling Smart Cities in Australia

Building Smart City Solutions

BRAUMS are developing a range of solutions for Smart City implementation, including Internet of Things (IoT) connected products that will go above and beyond traffic management, contributing to citywide and regional improvements in infrastructure utilisation, energy efficiency and sustainable city planning.

Converging Technologies for Smart Cities

Various experts say a major shift towards smart cities with cleaner, smarter and automated travel is under way, including electric vehicles, change in ownership models and autonomous on-demand travel. Common sense suggests that Information Technology (IT), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and  Co-operative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) will converge as the leading world economies push towards automated, connected and safer transport corridors.

Smart City Future Proofing

We aim to provide transport corridor assets that are future proofed for the digital era of smart city development, automated travel and ITS. Our strategic partners provide access to a suite of intelligent sensors, ITS end devices and ITS asset management platforms for use in conjunction with other emerging IoT technologies.

Smart City Products and Solutions from BRAUMS

At BRAUMS we are constantly innovating to provide smart city solutions for Australian cities and councils. Below you'll find a few of our most popular smart city products.

Smart City Roadway Lighting - PX Luminaire Series

smart city roadway lighting

At BRAUMS, we’ve developed a smarter, safer, greener lighting solution with intelligent IoT capability that delivers improved energy efficiency and connectivity for reduced operational costs and more effective asset management. BRAUMS Roadway Lighting is currently available in the PX Luminaire series, suitable for Pedestrian Area and Minor Road applications, with the VX Luminaire series for Major Roadways available soon. Visit the PX Luminaire Series product page to learn more.

BRAUMS Intelligent Outstation

smart city intelligent outstation

The BRAUMS Intelligent Outstation (BIO) has numerous applications, from street-lighting control and monitoring to Co-operative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS), it has applications in Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2X) and travel time calculation and monitoring systems. Read more about BRAUMS Intelligent Outstation here.


smart city addinsight

The Government of South Australia’s AddInsight Traffic Intelligence System delivers real-time accurate traffic movements transmitted to a traffic monitoring system to enhance visibility and future-proof road networks. See how we work with AddInsight for smart cities here.