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BRAUMS is now officially an agent of a wide range of products from innovative French lighting company, Ragni. Ragni is known around the world for their craftsmanship while integrating innovation and a constant search for high performance in all of their developments. 

The use of renewable energies constitutes a genuine challenge for today's and tomorrow's generations. Public lighting is one of the largest expense items for communities, and adopting modern and efficient lighting systems has become a considerable source of savings and is at the heart of the global energy transition and sustainable development goals.

With the advent of LED technology, Ragni designs in-house products where quality and elegance prevail. Ragni’s LED catalogue contains a wide range of luminaires that combine the performance, technical reliability and aesthetic appeal many Australian councils and city planners are aiming to achieve in new projects. 



Ragni: Innovation And Reasoned Lighting

Ragni is a French designer and manufacturer of street lighting fixtures. Established in 1927 and managed by the family of the same name for 4 generations, this independent and human-sized company has always cultivated its know-how by combining tradition and innovation, establishing itself as a reference in the field of public lighting in France and abroad.

With its 4 production sites in France, today the Ragni brand represents a combination of tradition and modernity. The lights, consoles and poles allow us to offer sets in a variety of styles: traditional, functional, residential, traffic bollards, floodlights or stylish models. The company’s artisan tradition also leads us to design custom-made products closest to our customers’ requirements.

Led by a people-centred philosophy and constant ambition, successive meetings have helped the company to build the RAGNI Group in parallel with the roll-out of its Export department in order to make the quality of its lights known throughout the world, focussing on quality materials and a global service around your lighting projects. 

BRAUMS is proud to partner with Ragni to bring these amazing products to our Australian towns and cities.



Introducing Ragni Products

BRAUMS believes that Ragni complements the values and our drive to invent and innovate. With a wide range of products, we bring a more reliable, more efficient solution to lighting cities across Australia and the globe. 

Ragni light fixtures adapt to a wide range of applications and enable a wide range of projects. All new products are specifically LED and the entire pre-existing range is compatible with LED lighting.

There are many reasons to consider Ragni lighting solutions:

  • Using the best LEDs on the market
  • Lowering power
  • Presence detection
  • Time-management system
  • Time-management system + presence detection
  • Real-time remote management
  • Solar-powered solutions

Featured Products

Atinia Slim

Ragni Atinia


The Ragni’s Atinia range is diversifying with the luminaires Atinia Slim 6480 and 6600, which acquire a sleek and compact new design. Their round and flat shape makes them extremely lightweight and discrete, though dressed with the characteristic Atinia’s circular groove.



Ragni Korner

The multifunctional bollard Korner continues the tradition of Ragni’s adaptable and customizable products, this time bringing together new functionalities related to the transformation of urban infrastructures. Sometimes design column, sometimes communication tool, Korner is a dynamic, qualitative and unusual lighting support, serving the human well-being in the urban area.



Ragni Archy

Dominating at a height of 7.5 m, Archy imposes his curves and his presence. Its profiled base is extended by the lighting modules (1 or 2 lights for road lighting, 2 lights with pedestrian return or circular lighting) and can accommodate various intelligent options and dynamic display. Deliberately majestic, Archy is the new symbol of smart lighting.



Ragni Griff

The Griff S luminaire is directly inspired by Slide: it takes up its design but recovers a standard orientation (perpendicular to the road). Thanks to LED technology, its tapered appearance confers it a sleek design, both modern and sober, that doesn’t contain any fancies. Designed for secondary roadways at medium height, it responds perfectly to design and architectural projects as well as residential areas with an original but sober style. The black screen-printed glass surrounding the LED PCB brings depth and elegance to the luminaire.



Ragni Solaire

Ragni has a range of solar lighting columns that is perfectly suited to residential and ambiance lighting applications, such as housing estates, squares and leisure areas. Its innovative design gives sites a pleasant appearance and unique identity. The other Ragni residential range luminaires can also be fitted onto these solar poles.

Need More Information?

If you’d like to learn more about the Ragni products we offer, make an enquiry about these innovative products here.