Brilliant Colour & Optical Performance

These VMS utilise RGB LED technology to produce brilliant full-colour messages, in a wide range of pixel pitch configurations from 12mm to 30mm. The patented lensing technology is of the highest quality in the market, providing superior optical performance and directing light from the LEDs to where it is needed - the road user.

NSW Type-Approved

Type approved for use with both RMS TSI-SP-003 and NTCIP protocols, the BRAUMS VMS range can be configured to suit a number of applications. Our signs offer text-only and graphics with full colour display and advanced control options available with a simple software upgrade.

Variable Message Sign LED Lenses

BRAUMS Variable Message Sign LED Lenses

Custom System Design

The BRAUMS VMS solution not only includes the sign, but also the accompanying Roadside Cabinet, which houses the VMS power and communications interfaces, as well as an optional Uninterruptible Power Supply which can provide autonomy to not only the VMS Controller Module and external communications equipment, but also the whole VMS if required. This is possible again with the low-power consumption characteristic that this sign uses. For remote locations, it is also possible to power the VMS completely from solar power.

Built to Suit Your Needs

Different customers have different needs and BRAUMS recognises this. Our VMS can be provided with facility switches for manual control, to inputs mapped to displayable messages driven by external equipment, to an on-board web interface on the VMS controller module to allow operators the full functionality that the VMS has to offer. Also provided is the flexibility with communications interfaces, from Serial (RS232/485) through to fibre optic and cellular.

Variable Message Sign installation

BRAUMS Variable Message Sign Installation

There is no variable message sign requirement that BRAUMS can't fulfill, so please complete the product enquiry form or contact our team directly.