Advanced Warning Flasher System

Flasher Sign with Solar Panel, Sensor and Housing

Early Warning for Improved Safety

BRAUMS Advanced Warning Flasher System (AWFS) range utilises a variety of traffic signal hardware products to provide flexible, intuitive, innovative and reliable solutions. The AWFS allows traffic designers and clients to advise road users that they are approaching a potential safety risk, such as:

  • Traffic Signals Ahead
  • Prepare to Stop/Operating when lights flashing
  • Roundabout Ahead
  • Truck Entering
  • Stock Crossing
  • Low Bridge Ahead
  • Ambulance/Fire Station Ahead

System Design

At a minimum, our AWFS incorporates one activation sub-system and one flasher sign sub-system in a simple point-to-point set up. However, it is possible to have multiple activation sub-systems and/or flasher sign sub-systems in a point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint network.

Advanced Warning Flasher Housing and Sensor

Advanced Warning Flasher System Housing and Sensor

Signs and Signalling

The flasher sign component is typically comprised of a static, conditional road sign with additional BRAUMS single aspect lanterns for more pronounced signalling. Both road sign and flasher light components can be customised to suit the specific traffic hazard being managed, with a variety of lanterns and custom signage available. The flasher sub-system can be programmed to flash for a user-defined amount of time, or while receiving an activation signal. Activation signals can be hard-wired to the flasher component, or transmitted via dedicated wireless I/O UHF radios. The activation sub-system can be designed to utilise any of the following technologies:

  • Inductive loops
  • Radar detectors
  • Video detectors
  • RFID tags and readers
  • Traffic signal controllers
  • Boom gates
  • Momentary Push/Toggle buttons

Key Features:

  • AS2144:2002 compliant
  • Fully customisable system
  • Flasher light sizes: 100mm, 200mm & 300mm
  • Power options: mains 240V AC and/or Solar


Advanced Warning Flasher Install

Advanced Warning Flasher System Installation

As it can be seen, the applications for BRAUMS Advanced Warning Flasher Systems are endless. We are yet to encounter a requirement that could not be fulfilled by a custom designed AWFS. For more information, or to place an order, please call your nearest office or complete a product query form.