Andrew Bull, Managing Director, Management

Tamara Talbot Sales Manager

Tamara Talbot, Sales Manager (NSW/ACT), Accounts

Tim Bajramovski

Tim Bajramovski, Electrical Engineer, Engineering Team

Brendan McIntosh

Brendan McIntosh, South Australia Business Development Manager, Operations

James Pennell

James Pennell, Storeman, Operations

William Craig

William Craig, Production, Operations

Setu “Uncle Sam” Maua

Setu “Uncle Sam” Maua, Production, Operations

Dipendra Kunwar Chhetri

Dipendra Kunwar Chhetri, Production, Operations

Terr-Anne Smith

Terri-Anne Smith, Manager for People and Culture, Accounts

Michael Lamb

Michael Lamb, Electrician, Special Projects

Harrison Kraus

Harrison Kraus, Mechanical Engineer, Engineering Team

Simon Costigan

Simon Costigan, Operations Manager, Operations

Riley Turner

Riley Turner, Storeman, Operations

June Wilson

June Wilson, Production, Operations

Jana Odstcilova

Jana Odstrcilova, Production, Operations

Tusli Bhattarai

Tulsi Bhattarai, Production, Operations

Suraj Tamang “Shorty”

Suraj Tamang “Shorty”, Production, Operations

Kathleen Magri

Kathleen Magri, Accounts Manager for People and Culture, Accounts


Lynn Lin, Accounts Officer, Accounts

Jacob Rogers

Jacob Rogers, Software and Electrical Engineer, Engineering Team

Thomas Jeffrey

Thomas Jeffrey, Mechanical Engineer, Engineering Team

Julie Southwell

Julie Southwell, Supply Chain Manager, Operations

Amelia Horsfall

Amelia Horsfall, Production Supervisor, Operations

Sean Reynolds

Sean Reynolds, Production, Operations

Sunil Chaureli

Sunil Chaureli, Production, Operations