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BRAUMS proudly delivers the world's best Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to the Australian

and New Zealand markets. With Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC), Swarco and Nedap as our key technology

and product supply partners, we offer best of breed solutions to the market.

BRAUMS is the leading Australasian supplier of the latest in LED Traffic Signal Technology, and are proud to

be the first company to gain the approvals of this technology in all states across Australia and in New Zealand

(including with Roads & Maritime Services NSW and VicRoads).

Our depth of engineering experience has also led to our development of a more robustly designed and manufactured
Pedestrian Detector and Audio Tactile unit. This robust design has become the preferred product as it is proven to be
reliable, not only for general use, but also in areas that experience high rates of vandalism.

BRAUMS have partnered with Swarco Futurit to introduce a new leading-edge full matrix RGB VMS technology to our region.
Known as the '3-in-1' LED technology, it provides rich fully saturated colours at high intensity with very low current

BRAUMS have also partnered with Nedap to provide the best on-street car parking and secure vehicle access solutions
to our region. Using highly accurate (>98%) occupancy detection sensors with a minimum battery life of 5 years, reliable
data is provided to end users whether they be car park operators to city Councils.

Our experienced team of qualified Engineers And support staff ensure continued exceptional service and support for our clients.


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