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Remote Access Management System from ATC


RAMS (Remote Access Management System) is the newest innovation from ATC.

Developed in line with the ATSC4 VC6 Traffic Signal Controller and TfNSW’s TSC/4 Specification, RAMS software provides maintenance personnel with the ability to connect to any RAMS enabled ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller remotely via a secure IP address – saving time and reducing unnecessary site visits.


How it works:

Only compatible with the ATSC4 VC6.X TSC, RAMS software is loaded onto the controller’s TC430-45 Logic Processor Module. This enables maintenance staff to remotely access the Traffic Signal Controller using a web browser on their local PC, laptop or tablet. The RAMS web interface connects to the Traffic Signal Controller via a secure, password-protected IP address. Once connected, maintenance personnel can begin the fault retrieval process to establish what is required for rectification or even begin rectification remotely.

Technicians will have quick access to controller functionality status, fault log information and the operational status of all external traffic signalling hardware interfaced to the controller. Lantern wattages, signal group phases, and vehicle and pedestrian detector inputs can all be monitored in real-time, with some settings also adjustable remotely.


Through the RAMS web interface, maintenance personnel can access the following:

• Current Controller Phase and SCATS Status (Masterlink, Isolated, Flexilink)
• Controller Message Log (downloadable)
• Fault Error Log (downloadable)
• Personality PROM Details
• Controller Status – Real Time internal operation showing timers and personality flags (MSS, XSF, TRAFF)
• Detector Diagnostics – including graphical rendering of inductive loop and Q-Factor
• Serial Numbers of Installed Modules
• Current Lamp Loads and Lamp Faults
• Dimming and Regulation
• External Switch Inputs (including Special Purpose Inputs and Outputs)
• Controller Configuration
• Network Configuration (including TCP/IP settings)
• Historical Mains, and Lamp Voltage and Temperature Graphs


Advantages of a Web-Based TSC Interrogation:

The RAMS user interface offers a far more intuitive interrogation tool than the rudimentary Hand Held Terminal (HHT) devices currently in use. HTTs must be physically interfaced to the TSC on site and only provide information in a hexadecimal format. In contrast, RAMS offers a graphic representation of stored data which can be remotely accessed via a web browser in human readable form. As a result, maintenance personnel can establish the potential cause of any issue prior to visiting the site, and either rectify the problem remotely, or pre-plan the repair to ensure they arrive on site with all the necessary equipment.

The RAMS user interface is easier to navigate than the standard HHT making it quicker to access data. This results in faster diagnosis and maintenance response times, enables the correct resources to be sent to site if required, and avoids personnel travelling to site unnecessarily


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