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Graphical User Interface

The ATSUI controller user interface for the ATSC4 series of Traffic Signal Controllers is a PC based Windows Graphical User Interface that allows all level of workers from Electricians, Technicians to Adaptive Engineers to investigate and communicate with the controllers Functionality, Operational Status and Fault/Error Status.

The ATSUI user interface provides a user friendly environment that makes interrogating the controller status and performance functionality such as timing and detector performance an easy task as access to all these functions can be viewed in both Graphical and Numerical formats.

How it works

The application provides service personnel with a number of screens. These screens are provided to view the real time status of all external inputs and outputs, the state of signal group outputs, vehicle detector loops as well as Logic Processor module information.

View what is displayed on these screens by clicking on the samples to the right of this article.

One of the most significant and unique features offered by the ATSUI© application is the graphical layout of the intersection complete with live coloured icons that reflect the current status of all groups.

How the ATSUI is used

The ATSUI© is a state of the art application that assists service personnel in fault finding and viewing all aspects of the controller and intersection operation.

Service Personnel can view all recorded events via the Fault Log screen which provides a colour coded list of events that are time tagged.

ATSUI is a Windows compatible program that runs on Windows XP, Vista, Win7.

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