For ATC Controller Products throughout Australia

ATC have developed a range of traffic signal controllers that are integrated with Uninterruptible Power Supply units that provide operational continuity in the event of loss of Mains AC power.

ATC have designed two types of Traffic Signal Controller with Uninterruptible Power Supply products to cater from the smallest to the largest possible application with 24 Signal Group Outputs.

ICUPS - Integrated Controller with UPS

With the first product, ATC engineers created a single cabinet solution for small to medium intersections that cater up to 8 signal groups with a maximum load of 450VA.

At this maximum load level, the UPS and Battery combination provide approximately 4 hours of backup time. 

The batteries employed are also high grade GEL based batteries with very good current delivery characteristics over the operational temperature range.

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ECUPS - External Controller with UPS

For the second model, ATC's engineers created a dual cabinet solution for medium to large intersections that cater from 12 up to 24 signal groups.

At maximum load level, the UPS and Battery combination are designed to provide a minimum of 4 hours of backup time for a 24 group controller with a total load of 1400VA.

The second cabinet is in fact the same as that used for normal traffic signal controllers, therefore making installation a breeze because no special footings are needed, just the same controller base used for Traffic Signal Controllers.

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