Proud Partners with AddInsight

Showcased at the ITS World Congress 2019, the AddInsight Traffic Intelligence System delivers real-time accurate traffic movements transmitted to a traffic monitoring system to enhance visibility and future-proof road networks. This has been made possible by BRAUMS’ recent involvement with AddInsight.

BRAUMS has recently gained distributorship of the Government of South Australia’s AddInsight system and we hope that our implementation will showcase the future of Smart City environments in today’s modern world.

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What is AddInsight?

AddInsight will provide road authorities with an unprecedented insight into the performance of their road network without significant expenditure on hardware. Traffic management centre (TMC), operational and planning staff, as well as road users will all benefit from the system and its outputs. Instead of being stored in isolation on a cloud, the system resides on the road authority’s own network and can be easily adapted to interface with other data sets or systems.

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AddInsight is built on a foundation of low-cost Bluetooth receivers providing network-wide performance indicators in real time.

AddInsight Traffic Intelligence Systems makes use of BRAUMS Intelligent Outstations in its operations. 

The AddInsight App ties the whole system together for road users, allowing them to receive timely information about traffic, incidents, delays and roadwork.

Watch the video below for an overview of the capabilities of AddInsight:

Key Features of the AddInsight System

  • Live delay information
  • Incident delay information
  • Built for TMCs with an updated user interface design
  • Ability to broadcast custom audio messages to road users
  • Ability to filter data
  • Accepts data from multiple sources - Bluetooth, WiFi, ANPR, RFID more
  • Views for origin-destination, historical data
  • Measure the network cost of an incident
  • AddInsight Android and iOS app for road users
  • Travel time predictions for variable message signs
  • Open API that can be used to integrate it into existing systems and applications.


How Smart Cities Will Benefit from AddInsight

AddInsight will put real-time data into the hands of TMCs and road users. This data will allow TMCs to to focus on incident management and allow road users to better navigate their day-to-day commutes, avoiding incidents or roadworks and decreasing road congestion.

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BRAUMS’ vision is to provide industry with the best possible traffic monitoring system technologies and world class quality solutions - which is why we are proud to be able to present AddInsight as a smart city solution.

If you are interested in finding out more information about AddInsight, visit our product page

Contact BRAUMS, the AddInsight global distributor, for all enquiries related to AddInsight.

BRAUMS and ATC are certified hardware suppliers for AddInsight.

Watch the full video on AddInsight for more information: