BRAUMS have been awarded a Contract for the supply, installation and maintenance of 13 full-colour Variable Message Signs, with 2 being in the Domestic Terminal and the remainder in the International Terminal. The BRAUMS VMS, manufactured by Swarco Futurit in Austria, have been installed at key locations within the precinct and used as dynamic lane allocation signage, with the ability for Sydney Airport land-side operations management staff to change the display depending on road and traffic conditions in real-time.

DOM-1 with BRAUMS Traffic Signals

BRAUMS VMS with ground-mounted Roadside Cabinet and BRAUMS Traffic Signals at Sydney Airport's Domestic Terminal 

The VMS to the entry of the Domestic Terminal , "DOM-1" is the largest VMS in the Southern Hemisphere with a resolution of 1,264 x 200 pixels at a pixel pitch of 16 mm, resulting in 758,400 RGB LEDs and a display area of 65m2. The lenses are of the highest beam width standard (B7), offering a 60 degree viewing angle, and typical power consumption of 2,100 Watts, or "just over one hair-dryer".

DOM-1 Resolution

BRAUMS VMS, manufactured by Swarco Futurit over roadway into Domestic Terminal at Sydney Airport

Each VMS is accompanied by a roadside cabinet built by BRAUMS, providing a minimum of 2 hours of autonomy to the entire sign in the event of no power, and provide alerts to BRAUMS maintenance personnel if mains power is lost at the site.


BRAUMS Roadside Cabinet for two VMS' (INT-8A and INT-8B)