Reliable, Sustainable Transportation

The Sydney Light Rail project offers commuters in the heart of Sydney the latest in reliable and sustainable transportation between Circular Quay and Kingsford and Randwick. Spanning over 12 kilometres and 19 stops, the Sydney Light Rail project provides frequent, high-capacity transport services to allow Sydney to grow in-step with an ever-growing population.


BRAUMS 4-Aspect TRI Lantern

BRAUMS 200mm 4-Aspect Tram (+ White Triangle) Lantern installed on George Street, Sydney

Signal Hardware Providers

BRAUMS and ATC have been chosen to supply the traffic signalling technology for all intersections (>50 sites) where the light rail interfaces to vehicle traffic for this project, from brilliant central light source traffic signals to all new static signage to the latest VC6 ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller with Top Hat, to allow the new and existing light rail services to integrate to the road traffic systems along the rail corridor. The ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller running the latest version of RMS TRAFF software, VC6, provides more inputs and outputs than any other RMS-Type Approved Traffic Signal Controller and provides the capacity needed for rail and road integration applications.

The BRAUMS Traffic Signal Lantern, with its central light source technology and compliance to the relevant Australian and RMS Standards and Specifications, allows unique designs to be manufactured for project-specific applications such as the Sydney Light Rail. For this project, a 'White Triangle', which sits beneath the standard tram signals, provides advanced notice to light rail vehicle (LRV) drivers that the signalised intersection has recognised their approach and that the signals are to change shortly and allow the LRV to proceed.


BRAUMS Lantern on SLR 2

BRAUMS Traffic Signal Lanterns and Static Signage at Sydney Town Hall