Variety - Helping Kids Who Are in Need


For 45 years Variety – the Children’s Charity has been helping to give kids (aged 0-18) who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs a fair go in life. Variety's vision is for all Australian children to attain their full potential, regardless of ability or background, because all kids deserve a fair go.

Variety's Resurrection Run 2020

Variety hosts annual charity drives to raise money for children in need. For 2020, Variety hosted the Resurrection Run, a six-day charity car event that took place from the 15th to the 20th November.

The Variety Resurrection Run explored the rural areas of New South Wales and took participants to places that are not part of normal tourist hotspots. The Variety Resurrection Run is not a race or a contest of speed of any kind, but an adventure exploring remote parts of our beautiful country.

View the map for the 2020 Resurrection Run here:

Variety Resurrection Run 2020

Map of the Variety Resurrection Run 2020

How were BRAUMS and ATC involved?

Just as BRAUMS and ATC sponsored vehicles for the B2B Variety Bash 2019, we sponsored Car 64 for the 2020 Run, an 80's model XF Falcon.

Andrew Bull, Managing Director of BRAUMS and ATC, had this to say:

Thank you to all those in the ITS industry that sponsored us as it really does make a positive difference to children in need.

Here's a view of our sponsored vehicle at Forbes:

Car 64 in Forbes

BRAUMS and ATC's sponsored vehicle stops in Forbes

Car 64 also enjoyed the serene views of Lake Cargellico:

Car 64 at Lake Cargellico

The XF Falcon stops at the shores of Lake Cargellico

Here's a view of the car we sponsored in action:

Want to donate?

Through our efforts, we contributed to the funding of educational, health and mobility equipment provided to local children, schools and organisations in rural communities. If you too would like to contribute, we encourage you to visit Variety and make a donation.