Recently, BRAUMS were engaged by DM Roads to “make good” an advanced warning sign located at Carlisle Avenue and Kurrajong Avenue, Mount Druitt (TCS #2435). The system was designed to be connected to the adjacent traffic signal intersection, and warn motorists travelling along Carlisle Avenue that the signals at the intersection just past the crest were turning yellow and/or red.

Advanced Warning System

Newly upgraded Solar Advanced Warning Flasher System on Carlisle Ave. Mount Druitt.

Concern With the Original System

The original system at the sign location utilised a solar panel, antenna and wireless I/O transceiver mounted to a traffic signal post, along with an advanced warning sign. However, the sign was fitted with 240V AC beacons, so the system needed to include an inverter which would step-up the voltage to potentially lethal levels. Additionally, the sign was installed such that it did not meet the minimum height clearance from the bottom of the sign to the ground.

The last and most significant issue that was the system didn’t work, as when BRAUMS were requested to attend site, the radio was non-operational and the solar system was undergoing problems with power regulation.

Resolving the Issue

Installing the Advanced Warning Sign 

DM Roads crew repositioning Solar Panel at a higher elevation

BRAUMS’ sales staff, working with key local technology partners, provided a proposal to DM Roads to supply a turn-key system that would meet all relevant standards and specifications, as well as operate in all conditions.

Rear of the Advanced Warning Flasher System

Rear of Advanced Warning Flasher System

The system was procured and on the 19th of November, 2020, the old system was removed and the new system was installed in a short period of time by DM Roads. As soon as the new system was turned on, the radio at the sign location immediately established communications to the radio at the traffic signal intersection, and the sign started flashing. This was monitored on-site and both BRAUMS and DM Roads left site with the system operational.

Here is a short video of the sign in action

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