KARI Hosts Thank You Event 2020


KARI Foundation

Each year, KARI celebrates the joint achievements of the KARI Foundation and its Corporate Partners by hosting a Thank You Event. KARI relies on the support and funding it receives from its partners to provide programs and opportunities for Aboriginal people across the community. This year's celebrations took place on November 27, and gave thanks to KARI's partner family, new and old, who assisted KARI in delivering programs that made a difference for thousands of Aboriginal youth and families.

KARI Partners

BRAUMS has been listed alongside KARI Corporate Partners

Established in 1999, KARI has supported the Aboriginal community by delivering quality programming and services. KARI strives to offer a continuum of award-winning services that all begin with general community engagement. Their commitment to providing high quality, sustainable services and programs that benefit Indigenous communities is unwavering. We commend KARI for this dedication to building strength in Indigenous families and communities.

BRAUMS Celebrates KARI's Successes


From left to right: Dan Youngman, Barbara Youngman, Amanda Bull, Andrew Bull

Andrew Bull and Dan Youngman, Managing Director and General Manager for BRAUMS, respectively, were invited to attend KARI's Thank You Event, 2020. We consider it an honour to celebrate and work with a company devoted to enriching the lives and opportunities of Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders in our community and in the workforce.

Cain Slater from the KARI Foundation said this:

Year on year we continue to deliver programs which make a difference, without the support of this amazing network we would not be able to save lives and provide opportunities for thousands of Aboriginal youth and families.

BRAUMS recently partnered with KARI with the aim of fostering the success and development of Indigenous Australians in our team and in the community. We value the work of KARI and want to commit supporting KARI throughout 2021 and beyond.