Mental Health Month: Employee Assistance Program introduced at BRAUMS

A guiding philosophy in the BRAUMS workplace is that we are more than the products we offer for Australian Roadways. BRAUMS represents the people in our team, too, and we are committed to furthering the success of all members of our team. October is Mental Health Month, and we have taken an important step forward this year in ensuring our workplace provides necessary mental health resources for all of our staff. 

Acacia EAPMental Health Month

BRAUMS Enlists Acacia EAP

BRAUMS have enlisted the services of Acacia EAP whom employees can contact 24/7 to seek counselling or advice regarding work or personal matters. Acacia EAP is a high-quality Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and workplace support organisation. The significance of services such as Acacia EAP have been highlighted by the tumultuous year we have all experienced in 2020, though we are committed to continuing to work with Acacia in 2021 and beyond, as good mental health is a priority every year, no matter the circumstances.

BRAUMS Enlists Acacia EAP

Members of the BRAUMS team learning about Acacia EAP's services

How the People of BRAUMS Will Benefit

Last week all staff members had a quick tutorial to learn about what services Acacia EAP have to offer, and how to access them. The service is completely confidential and employees can choose whether to arrange for a face to face meeting, phone consultation or video call, depending on their needs. This will ensure the team at BRAUMS will always have somewhere to turn to when they need help.