Upcoming Airport gets the Green Light thanks to BRAUMS

BRAUMS have successfully delivered the complete suite of the latest Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) products including traffic signal controllers, lanterns, static signage and uninterruptible power supply units to major construction companies delivering to New South Wales the next significant infrastructure project in recent times – namely, the Western Sydney Airport.

The BRAUMS ITS equipment has been progressively supplied, installed and commissioned along The Northern Road, which has gone through major upgrades in multiple stages to increase the capacity of the arterial in an effort to manage upcoming traffic demands as commuters travel to and from the new airport, which is intended to service the ever-growing population of New South Wales.


BRAUMS giving the Green Light for The Northern Road Upgrade Project

BRAUMS giving the Green Light for The Northern Road Upgrade Project


Staged Road Commissioning

Intersections within the project were delivered in halves due to the road being opened in stages, so BRAUMS needed to ensure that all equipment was ready and delivered to the client’s holding yard well ahead of time so that the project was more easily managed during the construction phases.


Signposted Road Works along The Northern Road

Signposted Road Works along The Northern Road


‘Take-Off’ Service Provided

To assist its clients, BRAUMS offered their intersection product inventory ‘take off’ service to take the guesswork out of the quantities of equipment that was to be provided and installed along with the project. This allowed the client's ITS site engineers to focus on ensuring that project deliverables were met.


Critical Sites

Due to the nature of the project, many sites within the project were deemed critical sites, meaning that they were required to have a standalone uninterruptible power supply for the traffic signals. The ECUPS, manufactured by ATC and delivered by BRAUMS, is able to provide seamless power delivery to the site should mains supply be lost. This provides a significant boost in availability of the site, providing time for maintenance service providers to install generators should this be required, all without affecting the signals.


ATC Traffic Signal Controller and standalone UPS at TCS 4806

ATC Traffic Signal Controller and standalone UPS at TCS #4806


BRAUMS are leading the way not only with their products but their top-level project delivery service and are delighted to be involved in yet another major infrastructure project!

Learn more about the project here. The team at BRAUMS would love to tell you more about our involvement in this successful project and we look forward to more installations like this. Please contact our office to get in touch.