BRAUMS is now officially an agent of a wide range of products from innovative French lighting company, Ragni. Ragni is known around the world for their craftsmanship while integrating innovation and a constant search for high performance in all of their developments. 

With the advent of LED technology, Ragni designs in-house products where quality and elegance prevail. Ragni’s LED catalogue contains a wide range of luminaires that combine the performance, technical reliability and aesthetic appeal many Australian councils and city planners are aiming to achieve in new projects. 


About Ragni

Ragni is a French designer and manufacturer of street lighting fixtures. Established in 1927 and managed by the family of the same name for 4 generations, this independent and human-sized company has always cultivated its know-how by combining tradition and innovation, establishing itself as a reference in the field of public lighting in France and abroad.

With its 4 production sites in France, today the Ragni brand represents a combination of tradition and modernity. The lights, consoles and poles allow us to offer sets in a variety of styles: traditional, functional, residential, traffic bollards, floodlights or stylish models. The company’s artisan tradition also leads us to design custom-made products closest to our customers’ requirements.

Led by a people-centred philosophy and constant ambition, successive meetings have helped the company to build the RAGNI Group in parallel with the roll-out of its Export department in order to make the quality of its lights known throughout the world, focussing on quality materials and a global service around your lighting projects. 

BRAUMS is proud to partner with Ragni to bring these amazing products to our Australian towns and cities.

The Ragni Product Family

BRAUMS believes that Ragni complements the values and our drive to invent and innovate. With a wide range of products, we bring a more reliable, more efficient solution to lighting cities across Australia and the globe. 

Ragni light fixtures adapt to a wide range of applications and enable a wide range of projects. All new products are specifically LED and the entire pre-existing range is compatible with LED lighting.


BAMAKO Griff Swing Decoled


Ragni Street Lighting Innovations: Reasoned Lighting

As a key sector in energy transition, public lighting must take into account the global challenges of sustainable development. Ragni works on a daily basis to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and products.

Our commitment and responsibility lie in our goal to spread the essential idea of reasoned lighting as widely as possible. This is reflected in the following objectives:

  • Promote and encourage reflection on the use of light and its impact on all ecosystems
  • Accompany our customers in minimising light pollution and wasted energy
  • Offer quality products: reliable and durable light fixtures that combine aesthetics and performance.


There are many reasons to consider Ragni lighting solutions:

  • Using the best LEDs on the market
  • Lowering power
  • Presence detection
  • Time-management system
  • Time-management system + presence detection
  • Real-time remote management
  • Solar-powered solutions

BRAUMS and Ragni’s Mission


Senegal Dakar Diamniadio Domitienne


The use of renewable energies constitutes a genuine challenge for today's and tomorrow's generations. Public lighting is one of the largest expense items for communities, and adopting modern and efficient lighting systems has become a considerable source of savings and is at the heart of the global energy transition and sustainable development goals.

The LED technology offers local collectivities technical, economic and ecological advantages. From an environmental point of view, the precise flow of light ensures that light pollution is completely avoided for local residents, but also for fauna and flora. Combined with a lighting management system (movement detection, programming of operational schedules, darkness thresholds etc.), the LED adapts to its users’ lifestyles and is thus more responsible than traditional light sources.

From an economic point of view, low energy requirements, a life-cycle 12 to 15 times longer than that of lamps, together with a significant reduction in maintenance work, all make the LED an essential tool for making considerable financial savings. Combined with a source of solar energy, these technologies can also be used to light isolated areas without incurring costs for connection to the network or electricity expenses. 

Ragni thus perpetuates the image of the traditional luminaire while incorporating technological advances.

If you’d like to learn more about the Ragni products we offer, visit the product page here or make an enquiry about these innovative products here.