M4 Smart Motorway – The first of its kind

BRAUMS have been working with partner company, ATC, to deliver the latest in TfNSW Type-Approved ITS equipment for the M4 Smart Motorways (M4SM) Project. The first smart motorway of its kind in New South Wales offers unprecedented visibility of the condition of the major arterial, allowing the roadway operators to use state-of-the-art technology to better control traffic flow in all conditions. BRAUMS worked collaboratively with ATC during the design and delivery phases, offering both product and technical engineering consultancy services.


ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller

ATSC4 Ramp Metering Controller and LUMS gantry on M4 Smart Motorway near Mamre Rd, St Clair, NSW


Suite of Intelligent Signalling Products

A suite of BRAUMS and ATC products was supplied and installed during motorway upgrades. This included traffic signal lanterns, controllers, advanced warning systems, static signage, pedestrian detection systems and other ancillary hardware. Such products have not only been installed at the intersections along the M4SM corridor, but also the ramp metering sites situated at the on-ramps.


ATSC4 Ramp Metering Controller
ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller with BRAUMS AWFS located near M4 Smart Motorway on-ramp, Mamre Rd, St Clair


ITS Asset Integration

BRAUMS and ATC were also directly involved in various ITS asset integration solutions which have been deployed along the entire length of the smart motorway. Such integration solutions include an interfacing kit between the ramp control variable message signs, the associated traffic signal controllers and SCATS™.


Ramp Signal VMS and intersection
Signalised intersection with Ramp Signal VMS located on Mamre Rd over M4 Smart Motorway


Ramp Metering for Smoother Traffic

The ramp metering sites were switched on during the 2020 Christmas break. These sites utilise the computing power of the ATSC4’s Type-Approved VC6.1 software to accurately provide instantaneous vehicle detector counts to SCATS™ which will adaptively adjust the signal sequence timing at each on-ramp. This adaptive management strategy provides smoother flow of traffic on the motorway itself.


AWFS M4 Smart Motorway Mamre Rd
A BRAUMS Advanced Warning Flasher system advising road users that ramp metering signals are active.
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