Greener Roadway Lighting Solution

PX Roadway Lighting

BRAUMS continues to develop new solutions for effective public roadway lighting. The new Roadway Lighting has an intelligent IoT capability that delivers improved energy efficiency and connectivity for reduced operational costs and more effective asset management. It provides a reliable, environmentally conscious lighting solution that has been designed and developed in Australia. Sleek, yet robust, our lighting products are built to withstand Australia’s harsh climatic conditions, meeting all requirements of AS/NZS 1158.

Ground-up Design

The PX consists of a polyester powder-coated, pressure diecast aluminium housing with a toughened acrylic semi-cut off visor, and quick release latches for easy maintenance. With a range of build options available, the PX can be built to suit any location. The PX is both AS/NZS 1158 compliant and AEMO certified.

PX Options

Key Features:

  • CREE's Highest Efficacy LED Technology
  • Power Options: 12W Standard or 25W High Intensity
  • Colour Temperature: 4000K
  • Colour Rendering Index: ≥70
  • Photocell for adaptive lighting control
  • NEMA Plug ’n’ Play Capability
  • IoT Smart City Controls – Compatible with NBIoT, SigFox, 6LoWPAN, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, DALI,
  • Zhaga and all proprietary lighting control systems
  • IP66 and IK06 Protection Ratings
  • Quick Release Latches
  • Polyester Powder-Coated, Pressure Diecast Aluminium Housing
  • Clear Toughened Acrylic Semi Cut-Off or Aeroscreen Visor
  • Optional front or rear glare covers
  • AS/NZS 1158 Compliant
  • AEMO Certified

Smart Lighting Control for a Smart City

PX Roadway

PX has a versatile NEMA Plug ’n’ Play capability that makes it ready for a range of Smart City applications. It is compatible with a wide range of IoT lighting control products, and it can be connected to the cloud for advanced control options. The energy analytics gained through the use of Smart City Lighting can enable network operators to optimise usage, lower CO2 emissions, and reduce operational costs overall.

PX Luminaire is designed specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets, therefore, smart controls can be integrated with other devices in the Smart City IoT network, including pedestrian and vehicle traffic monitoring systems, such as AddInsight.

PX’s Best City Locations 

Smart City

When considering luminaire placement, it is important to consider existing structural and landscape features. For example, consideration must be given for integrating luminaires into an environment with trees, such as along a pathway or steps. It is important to ensure there is an appropriate level of clearance between the tree or shrub and the light pole to provide the correct illuminance along the pathway or steps and to the opposite footpath. 

Luminaire placement also varies depending on road conditions. The following outlines requirements for locations of luminaires on curves and sharp bends and intersections as per AS/NZS 1158.3.1.

  • Spacings are reduced when the luminaires are not placed in line with each other. This applies to roads with bends.
  • A minimum of one luminaire to be located in the specified area
  • There must be a straight line between luminaires that are located in the same road reserve.
  • Luminaires to be on tight bends


If you’d like to learn more about BRAUMS PX Luminaire, visit the product page here or make an enquiry about the product here.