BRAUMS Emergency Station Panels

The family of BRAUMS Emergency Station Panels are a sleek and intuitive user interface designed to be installed at emergency service facilities such as fire and ambulance stations situated in close proximity to signalised intersections. Once activated, the BRAUMS Emergency Station Panels put in a request to the adjacent intersection's traffic signal controller for a special "Emergency Phase" to be run, allowing the emergency vehicle(s) to leave the facility safely, and ensures all other vehicles and pedestrians stop at the intersection.



Safe and Easy to Use

The BRAUMS Emergency Station Panel operates on safer, extra-low voltage (ELV), and its faceplate design is configured based on locality and direction of emergency vehicle travel as they leave the facility. Each BRAUMS Emergency Station Panel comes pre-fitted with user-intuitive directional call request buttons, a call cancellation button and a call record indicator. The BRAUMS Emergency Station Panels are highly reliable, incorporating the use of industrial-grade buttons and indicators. 


Versatile Design and Application



Installation of the BRAUMS Emergency Station Panel is simple, requiring only electrical connections between the traffic signal controller at the nearby intersection, and the panel itself. Hence, it does not require any additional external wiring to operate. It is also possible to parallel multiple BRAUMS Emergency Station Panels together for larger facilities with multiple emergency vehicle driveways if required. For facilities with longer driveways, panels can be installed with weatherproof housings, so that they may be installed outdoors and physically closer to the intersection.

While the panels are designed out-of-the-box in standard configurations, other site-specific configurations can be easily designed and produced to suit the application. Please see the brochure for the BRAUMS Emergency Station Panels  for more information regarding the product line, including standard design configurations. You may also contact us for further information.