Milestone Achieved

2021 is another important year for BRAUMS as they celebrate the very first public roadway installations of the BRAUMS Traffic Signal Lanterns and the ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller in New South Wales.

First LED CLS to the CBD

Installed five years ago, the first BRAUMS Traffic Signal Lanterns became part of Transport for New South Wales’ (formerly Roads & Maritime Services, NSW) field trial on Parramatta Road in Homebush, a major arterial between the western suburbs of Sydney and the Central Business District.

The BRAUMS Traffic Signal Lantern was the very first of its kind to utilise High Power Surface Mount Central Light Source (CLS) technology, demonstrating the future of ITS products in highlighting and incorporating the rapid advancements of technology.

First BRAUMS Lanterns installed in New South Wales

The first BRAUMS Lanterns installed in New South Wales on Parramatta Rd and Park Rd, Homebush (installed in 2016)

The lanterns still shining brightly on-site in 2021

The lanterns still shining brightly on-site in 2021

ATC Are Celebrating Too

ATC rejoices as it marks the ten-year anniversary for the installation of the first ATSC4 at a site in Eveleigh, Sydney, one block away from the Transport Management Centre, and is still standing proud. The site, TCS #0136, at the corner of Wyndham and Buckland Streets, is a relatively busy intersection along a main thoroughfare linking Inner-South Sydney to the Central Business District.

At the time, the ATSC4 was designed and built to comply with TfNSW’s Traffic Signal Controller (TSC/4) Specification, and now leads the way in terms of technological and functionality-based advancements to the latest TfNSW Specifications. This is due to it always being the first controller by which new operational clauses in the aforementioned specifications are tested, such as Dim-By-Wire functionality and more inputs and outputs than ever before, which is becoming necessary with more complex intersections being constructed, particularly along the new light rail corridors.


The very first ATSC4 still safely coordinating traffic in 2021

Something Tells Us We’re Onto Something Good

For both product families, the field trials were a resounding success, and hundreds of controllers and thousands of lanterns have since been installed and in service in New South Wales, with more being installed to this day.