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BRAUMS's IG315/2 single-channel and IG325/2 dual-channel induction loop detectors are designed for the reliable vehicle detection and access control at barriers, doors and gates.



Microprocessor used in our detectors automatically compensates changing loop inductivities due to temperature, humidity, or aging of components and avoid the chance of false detection.  The IG325/2 dual channel model analyzes two loops in multiplex mode. Since only one loop at a time is active, interference is avoided even when loops are interlaced.


  • Vehicle detection for door, gate, and barrier control
  • Occupancy monitoring and vehicle counting in parking decks
  • Traffic light and traffic controller signal input
  • Direction detection of vehicle traffic (IG325/2 only)
  • Safeguarding and monitoring of conveyor systems, car-wash plants, etc.

Technical Details

Induction Loop Detectors