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BRAUMS is the exclusive smartmicro partner - provider and manufacturer of the most advanced traffic management radar technology.

For more than 25 years, smartmicro has proven to provide the highest performance and highest quality traffic management radar sensors to make roads safer, to optimise traffic flow for reduced travel times and to enable greener, smarter cities.



Key Applications of BRAUMS with smartmicro

Above ground radar detection solutions support automated real-time traffic management and quality data & analytics supporting decision-makers.

  • Traffic counting & classification
  • Incident detection
  • Wrong-way detection
  • Ramp metering
  • Combined stop bar & advance detection
  • Stopped & moving objects, including lane blockages
  • Queue length measurement and detection 
  • Smart City applications

smartmicro radar sensors can stream precise real-time traffic data to an operations centre or cloud-based data warehouses for analytics and decision-support systems. smartmicro radars are the perfect fit for fixed or mobile traffic counting stations.

smartmicro radar sensors for intersection management outperform competitors in accuracy and reliability. Combined traffic and intersection management within a single device saves hardware and installation costs. No matter if the road is straight or curved, our sensors reliably detect and classify:

  • Pedestrians
  • Bicycles
  • Motorbikes
  • Passenger cars
  • Transporters
  • Short trucks
  • Long trucks
    • Forward Firing - Technology Advantages with smartmicro Traffic Radar

      Unlike side firing sensors, smartmicro radars use multiple forward-firing beams offering several advantages; since objects remain inside the field of view for much longer, their object related data is significantly more reliable. 

      forward firing

      Forward fire technology offers: 

      • Higher object retention in the field of view
      • Higher accuracy of speed and position 
      • Precise trajectory tracking
      • Minimised Occlusion
      • Wide beam over multiple lanes
      • Flexible mounting positions on existing infrastructure
      • Moderate heights are sufficient, no setback require

      braums-smartmicro-smartcitiesThe Future of Smart Cities

      With smartmicro , BRAUMS is rolling out a range of Smart City solutions that go above and beyond traffic management, contributing to citywide and regional improvements in infrastructure utilisation, energy efficiency and sustainable city planning. The optimisation of traffic flow is one of the most important aspects of smart city development; smartmicro enables truly smart and highly efficient traffic management with its advanced radar sensors. 

      By reliably detecting all traffic, smartmicro sensors measure object presence precisely and provide real-time object data for traffic statistics. This data is fed to local intersection controllers and the cloud for direct local adaptive traffic control and data collection.

      Why BRAUMS?

      BRAUMS, already an industry leader, utilising decades of ITS knowledge and experience to provide the most integrated intersection management solutions to the Australian market. From controller, to infrastructure integration, BRAUMS has your project covered. Our brackets are designed to seamlessly integrate with Australian posts whilst maintaining sensor adjustability. Watch this space to learn more about how BRAUMS is integrating with compliant controllers. Get Started with smartmicro Traffic Radar Technology.

      We are excited to tell you more about smartmicro products. Let’s talk! Send us a message through our product query form or download the smartmicro brochures below.