Sydney Airport VMS HR

BRAUMS Variable Message Signs installed at Sydney Airport

At BRAUMS, we are always pushing for the implementation of new and improved ITS technologies, so we are extremely proud to announce that our LED Variable Message Signs (VMS) are now the first and only VMS in Australia with NSW TSI-SP-008 v6.0 Type Approval. All sign types (A, B and C) have been assessed by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and have been shown to meet, and in some cases even exceed, both NSW and Australian standards. So, what does a Type Approved VMS look like?

Dual Protocol Approval

Approved for use with both the RMS TSI-SP-003 and NTCIP protocols, the BRAUMS VMS range can be configured for a number of applications, offering both TSI-SP-003 text-only and graphics mode configurations. With a simple, quick, inexpensive software upgrade, all signs can be configured to run NTCIP, which offers a range of advanced control options, including full colour graphics, Priority-based Messaging, and more in depth, remotely accessible fault-finding features for improved maintenance.



Amber colour test during Type-C Variable Message Sign installation in South Australia

Advanced Optical Performance

Manufactured by Swarco Futurit, the BRAUMS VMS range offers superior, world-class colorimetric and photometric performance. Achieved through Swarco’s state-of-the-art lensing technology, our VMS deliver a sharp display, regardless of weather conditions, with no loss of luminosity over time. Unlike other VMS products, the colour mixing in BRAUMS’ VMS occurs inside each LED lens, resulting in a more accurate display of colours. With this technology, it’s no surprise that these VMS meet the compliance standards for all colours, including red, amber, and white.


Full Colour VMS

BRAUMS Variable Message Sign operating in full colour mode


Inexpensive Operation and Maintenance

Due to both the unique optical lensing, and overall cabinet design, BRAUMS’ VMS range consumes up to 90% less energy than other VMS products on the market. With no requirement for active thermal or humidity control, there are also less potential points of failure, meaning reduced repair costs. The toolless, modular LED panel design also helps to save time and further reduce maintenance costs. As is standard, all signs can be interfaced to directly or via roadside cabinet, with remote monitoring features also available.

Safe and Simple Installation

Installation of the BRAUMS VMS range is safe and simple, with built-in rigging and attachment points that have been engineered to European and Australian standards. Unlike other signs, our VMS are designed to be mounted flush and parallel to the gantry or mounting structure. Thanks to Swarco’s unique LED lensing technology, light is automatically directed toward the driver without the need for angled mounting, an outdated practice that creates additional work and unnecessary risk for maintenance staff.

TfNSW Taking a Step Forward

We have been working with this VMS technology since 2015, with numerous installations in New Zealand, South Australia, and even more locally, at Sydney Airport. Given the substantial benefits that can be gained through the use of this new technology, including improved reliability, reduced maintenance costs and low power consumption, it’s extremely encouraging to see TfNSW taking a step forward and approving the BRAUMS Type-A, B, and C VMS range for use in NSW.

With NTCIP protocol approval, our VMS really are futureproof, and we are pleased we can finally begin rolling this technology out across NSW, so both Road Authorities and road users can begin to enjoy the benefits.

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