Cross the road, with a wave

The BRAUMS Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button is a timely answer to our growing awareness of surface to surface disease transmission. The Touch-Less Push Button system minimises the spread of germs through touch-free technology, without compromising traffic flow management.

BRAUMS Smarter Safer Greener Living 

The innovation from BRAUMS retains the traditional push button features and call record indicator (location dependant), as were originally developed in consultation with the vision and hearing impaired.

Why go Touch-Less?

Unlike some automated pedestrian crossing solutions, our Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button system maintains adaptive traffic signal co-ordination across the road network to support more effective traffic flow management. Not only can this reduce overall network congestion and  driver frustration, but by giving pedestrians the power to call for a crossing phase, the Touch-Less System also encourages safer crossing behaviour.

Having already seen positive results from Touch-Less Push Button installations both locally and abroad, we look forward to working with road authorities and local councils to begin implementing this technology in more locations.

Watch this video to learn more about how the Touch-Less Push Button works:


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