Touch-Less Pedestrian Crossings

The BRAUMS Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button offers members of the public a more hygienic alternative to standard push buttons, enabling them to call for a crossing phase with a wave of the hand.  

BRAUMS Touch-Less Push Button Green
BRAUMS Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button

Designed for the Public

Designed specifically to serve the needs of all members of the public, in accordance with both Australian and international road authority standards, the BRAUMS Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button System offers an alternative solution that is both hygienic and reliable.

The Touch-Less System retains all functionality of the tried and tested, traditional push button, including audio tactile features for the hearing and vision impaired. However, the system also features an Infrared (IR) Proximity Sensor so pedestrians can request a crossing phase without potentially getting their hands dirty. The IR Proximity Sensor is accompanied by an illuminated ring that will change from red to green to reassure pedestrians that their request has in fact been actioned.


BRAUMS Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button Infographic

BRAUMS Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button Infographic

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Public Hygiene
    The contactless system prevents members of the public from potentially contaminating their hands while attempting to request a crossing phase.
  • Safer Pedestrian Behaviour
    Allowing pedestrians to once again control when crossing phases occur can reduce frustration and encourage safer crossing behaviour.
  • Reduces Traffic Congestion
    By limiting the number of unnecessary crossing phases that inevitably occur during a fixed-time, automated system, traffic can continue to flow until a pedestrian crossing phase is needed.


Product Features:

  • Infrared Proximity Sensor
    Protected by a stainless steel housing, the IR sensor itself has an MTBF rating of 11+ years, with an adjustable sensitivity range of 40mm – 150mm.
  • Proximity Sensor Light
    The proximity sensor light will blink green to let pedestrians know that their hand gesture has been actioned and a pedestrian crossing phase will soon commence.
  • Tactile Functionality
    The Touch-Less system still offers a mechanical push button and tactile feedback system for those with vision impairment and other disabilities.
  • Quick and Easy Installation
    Retrofits to existing installations quickly and easily because it utilises the same system currently in use. This means no new hardware or additional space is required.
  • Dual-Redundancy
    Given the physical push button and the IR Proximity Sensor run in parallel, each input method can serve as a backup for the other in the unlikely event that one should fail.
  • Extra-Low Voltage Configuration
    The system can be configured for 42V AC installations, delivering an extra level of safety, not just for installers, but for members of the public too.


Sound Useful?

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