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Product Overview

Introduced in the latest BRAUMS Dim-By-Wire (DBW) Traffic Signal Lantern, the Futurled6 optical system is the newest standard for highest optical and electrical performance.

The central light source technology, combined with the dual lens system enables a brilliant and very uniform signal display with no visible LED dots, lowest power consumption, highest anti-phantom performance (class 5) and custom-made masks to allow any symbols to be displayed.

The BRAUMS DBW Traffic Signal Lantern with the Futurled6 optical system incorporates automatic light compensation in case of diode failure, optimum heat balance reducing degradation to a minimum as well as stepped and/or gradual dimming functionality.

The BRAUMS DBW Traffic Signal Lantern provides the highest level of optical performance (including chromaticity and luminance), with the added safety of Extra Low Voltage operation for a safer environment for the general public and site technicians.

The innovative DBW lantern from BRAUMS is the first of its kind in Australia, with numerous installations already running in many parts of Australia and New Zealand.


Key Features


• AS2144:2014 compliant
• All products traceable by serial number
• Central light source with uniform signal display without visible LED dots
• Advanced thermal design ensuring optimum heat dissipation and minimum degradation
• BRAUMS housings are made from mouldings and not fabricated, ensuring a consistently manufactured product of the highest quality
• Housings are available in either Injection Moulded UV Stabilised Poly-carbonate or Pressure Diecast Aluminium
• Housings are rated to IP35 (Optical system is IP65)
• Housing is lightweight making installation safer and easier
• Housings utilise singular aspect design, allowing modular assembly and flexible configuration
• Dual hinged doors for left or right opening; easy single-handed operation
• Discreet locking device included for hinges if required
• Accommodates all AS/NZS 2144 compliant signalling hardware accessories
• Implemented in the BRAUMS Dim-By-Wire Traffic Signal Lantern
• 42V AC (Extra Low Voltage) Dim-By-Wire, and 230V AC standard Phase-Dimming options, available in 200mm and 300mm.