2020 has been a long year and, despite the circumstances we've all lived through, BRAUMS has been able to deliver a range of successful projects. With the help of our customers and industry partners, we've been able to reach new heights!

BRAUMS shapes a happier workplace for our diverse team

BRAUMS Team Photo

A guiding philosophy in the BRAUMS workplace is that we are more than the products we offer for Australian Roadways. BRAUMS represents the people in our team, too, and we are committed to furthering the success of all members of our team.

We put this philosophy into practice with two important partnerships that will improve the success and well-being of members across all departments of our team. In October, as part of Mental Health Awareness Month, we enlisted the services of Acacia EAP, whom employees can contact 24/7 to seek counselling or advice regarding work or personal matters. We will continue to work with Acacia EAP throughout 2021 and beyond the foster the well-being of our team.

As part of our observance of NAIDOC, BRAUMS partnered with the KARI Foundation. KARI provides Aboriginal community support and cultural preservation initiatives, and, among other responsibilities, will help up look for opportunities where we can support the local Indigenous community with scholarships and in developing further opportunities for Aboriginal employment with BRAUMS. Our partnership with KARI will continue throughout 2021 and beyond.

Remembering Rob and Lew at BRAUMS

While the BRAUMS team enjoyed many successes this year, sadly, we were also devastated by the passing of two invaluable, long-time staff members, Rob and Lewi. Rob and Lew helped shape BRAUMS over many years, not just in 2020. It was a very difficult time for the team but we will always remember them fondly. Out of respect for Rob and Lew, who did so much to shape this team, we wanted to pay respect to them and keep them in our memories. 

Business is Growing

We opened two new offices this year: one in Shanghai, and one in South Australia. As part of our business expansion, we relocated our Western Australian office. The BRAUMS team also welcomed seven new members to our ranks! We look forward to seeing what new faces join BRAUMS in the future!

Touch-Less Pedestrian Detector Improved Safety at Road Crossings

BRAUMS Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button Angle

In previous years, BRAUMS' standard Pedestrian Push buttons have been preferred products for many cities across the world, including in Adelaide, as well as in South East Asia and Dublin, Ireland. However, these products required contact to action a crossing phase. Our solution was the Touch-Less Pedestrian Detector, which uses an infrared proximity detector to action a crossing phase. This solution was critical for a year in which the focus from governing bodies was preventing disease transmission in the community. BRAUMS' Touch-Less push-button eliminated the need for members of the general public to make contact with shared surfaces.

The result was a success, with the Touch-Less undergoing trials in Victoria, South Australia, Dublin, and Singapore. The Department for Transport and Infrastructure in South Australia conducted trials in Norwood in late October 2020. Dublin City Council was so impressed with the product that they implemented a larger scale roll-out of the new product.

PX Luminaire Wins Gold at the Good Design Awards

PX Good Design Gold Award

The annual Good Design Awards is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious international Awards for design and innovation. The Awards celebrate the best new products and services on the Australian market, excellence in architectural design, engineering, digital and communication design, and more.

BRAUMS have launched an AS/NZS 1158 compliant, Pedestrian Area and Minor Road (Category P) LED Street Light – The PX Luminaire – a fierce new competitor in the highly regulated and competitive roadway lighting market space. BRAUMS PX received a prestigious Good Design Award Gold Accolade in the Product Design Commercial and Industrial category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation. The PX Luminaire is currently available for sale.

BRAUMS Variable Message Signs Go Live in South Australia


Contracted by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), BRAUMS began the year installing 14 brand new BRAUMS/Swarco Variable Message Signs (VMS) across the new 15 kilometre Northern Connector expressway in Adelaide, South Australia. Officially launching on the first weekend in April 2020, the massive project went off without a hitch.

We have been working with this VMS technology since 2015, with numerous installations in New Zealand, South Australia, and even more locally, at Sydney Airport. We received Type Approval for our Types A, B and C Variable Message Signs, making us the first Australian company with type-approved VMS.

Type Approval for FuturLed6 Traffic Lanterns

During 2020, we received Type Approval from Transport for NSW, VicRoads and Queensland Transport & Main Roads for our Futurled6 Traffic Signal Lanterns. Available in both 240VAC and 42VAC Dim-by-Wire options, the world leading FuturLed6 technology, developed by Swarco Futurit, not only meets but exceeds Australian Standards for traffic signal lanterns.

The Futurled6 system offers the highest level of optical performance in terms of chromaticity and luminance, boasting low power consumption, excellent heat dissipation and reduced thermal degradation over time. While FuturLed6 will offer many benefits for road users, electrical contractors and pedestrians alike, there will be no noticeable difference to road users as we roll this technology out.

BRAUMS delivers Extra Low Voltage Dim-By-Wire for New Zealand Intersections

Dim by Wire operation

BRAUMS delivered a total of 25 Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Dim-by-Wire intersections to New Zealand this year, working with our partners Traffic Signals Ltd. The BRAUMS Dim-by-Wire lantern operates at 42VAC regardless of light conditions and therefore poses far less of a safety risk to members of the public, maintenance personnel, and incidence response teams when compared to the potentially lethal 240VAC used to power standard traffic lanterns.

The ELV Dim-By-Wire is a favourite for New Zealand intersections due to the following benefits it brings:

  • Stable dim mode operation during unexpected power drops
  • Reduced false lamp faults as a result of more stable operation
  • Lower life of asset cost through reduced non-routine site maintenance attendance
  • Potential to reduce CO2 emissions through reduced maintenance vehicle run times

Have a Happy Holiday!

And that wraps up 2020! We'd like to thank our partners, suppliers, and supporters for helping us get through the year. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, and we look forward to reaching new heights with you all in 2021!