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The family of BRAUMS Advanced Warning Flasher Systems (AWFS) offer flexible, intuitive, innovative and reliable solutions to traffic designers and clients who require to advise road users approaching a specific event.

These events include but are not limited to:

  1.  Traffic Signals Ahead, Prepare to Stop / Operating when lights flashing,
  2.  Roundabout Ahead,
  3.  Truck Entering,
  4.  Stock Crossing,
  5.  Low Bridge Ahead,
  6.  Ambulance/Fire Station Ahead, just to name a few.

AWFS Truck Entering 

Conditional Truck Entering Sign

As a minimum, the AWFS incorporate two systems - one being an activation sub-system, and the other being the flashing sign sub-system. It is possible to have more than one activation and/or flashing sign sub-system (Point-To-Point, Multi-Point-To-Multi-Point).

The activation can come from just about anything, including but not limited to:

  1.  Inductive loops,
  2.  Radar detectors,
  3.  Video detectors,
  4.  RFID tags and readers,
  5.  Traffic signal controllers,
  6.  Boom gates,
  7.  Momentary Push / Toggle buttons.

These activation signals can either by hard-wired to the flashing sign sub-system, or using dedicated Wireless I/O UHF radios. The BRAUMS AWFS can be powered by mains 240V AC, solar or a mix of both.

AWFS Solar Panel and Radar Detector

The flashing sign sub-system is typically a static/dynamic sign with BRAUMS lanterns which flash alternately, either during the activation signal being received, or for a user-defined amount of time.

As it can be seen, the applications are endless and BRAUMS have not encountered a requirement that could not be fulfilled with the BRAUMS Advanced Warning Flasher System! For more information, please contact the BRAUMS office today on +61 2 9684 3399, or please complete the Product Enquiry Form here.